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Common Rose Butterfly (MC-7753F)

Common Rose Butterfly (MC-7753F)

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Charming and delightful in its craftsmanship and presentation, our Mini Canvas collection is derived from original oil paintings by artist, Danilo Cuevas.

Proudly handmade in the USA, a selection of Cuevas' paintings come perfectly miniaturized and beautifully mounted on a mini canvas. Each arrive with a ribbon strand for easy hanging and display.

Whether given as hostess gifts, wedding and party favors, displayed on a tree, or used as everyday decor, the art provides a memorable and personal keepsake for years to come.

Mini Canvas dimensions are 2-1/2 inches X 3-1/2 inches X 3/8 inch.

Keywords: Bugs, Insect, Butterfly, Butterflies, Caterpillar, Metamorphosis, Garden

Text: Congratulations! On your new home

Categories: Housewarming


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