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danilo cuevas

an alumnus of the university of chicago, cuevas is best known for his urban landscapes and still life botanicals. when viewing his paintings, it is easy to see how they reflect his true knowledge of his subjects, paying meticulous attention to line, form, detail and color.

a self-taught artist, cuevas’ work is featured in nbc shows - “chicago fire” and “chicago pd.” his art is also widely exhibited by several private and public institutions across the country including the university of chicago, the national building museum in washington, dc, and the chicago botanic garden. cuevas’ approach is inspired by the past, but reflects today’s modern styles. he strives to create art that is enduring, tranquil and edited of unnecessary details. the simple, graceful shapes he paints have a timeless quality that make them easy to live with and enjoy.

“we should be able to surround ourselves with beautiful art in our homes and offices, not just when we visit museums and galleries. i am truly grateful to be able to make a living doing something that gives me so much satisfaction,” says cuevas on the subject of painting.

cuevas grew up in california and now resides in chicago. he received a master’s of public policy in 2001 from chicago’s harris school and a bachelor of arts from ucla.


printed canvas

printed canvas hails the return of the art of writing and sending handwritten sentiments. the name captures the idea of dynamically transferring original oil paintings into beautifully printed note cards.

the artwork renders different shades and textures, combined with spontaneous and instinctive technique. most of the paintings have a stark, simple background, focusing the eye on the subject.
communicating through clarity of color, expressive energy and understated style, the concept is simple and elegant, much like the art printed canvas represents.

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