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Danilo Cuevas

A self-taught artist, Cuevas left a career in public policy to pursue art full time. Although at first frightened to take that blind leap of faith, Cuevas never looked back as his art transitioned from original oil paintings into greeting cards, paper goods, and various home decor accents, including ornaments, pillows and fabrics.  Everyday, he wakes up, puts on his mix of favorite jazz albums, and paints the images in his head. “I don’t feel my life needs to be dark and melancholy in order to create art; I truly enjoy painting cheerful subjects” says Cuevas on the subject of his work.   

An alumnus of the University of Chicago, Danilo is best known for his urban landscapes and still life botanicals. His widely exhibited his work in both private and public institutions across the country; however, he is most proud of his local art ties in and around Illinois. Throughout his career as artist, he’s been inspired to paint many of Chicago’s treasured locations and created a body of work filled with these cherished community landmarks.   

Danilo grew up in California before calling Chicago home. He received a Master’s of Public Policy from the Harris School and a Bachelor of Arts from UCLA.


Printed Canvas

Printed Canvas hails the return of the art of writing and sending handwritten sentiments. The name captures the idea of dynamically transferring original oil paintings into beautifully printed note cards.

The artwork renders different shades and textures, combined with spontaneous and instinctive technique. Most of the paintings have a stark, simple background, focusing the eye on the subject.
Communicating through clarity of color, expressive energy and understated style, the concept is simple and elegant, much like the art printed canvas represents.

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